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Maths Passport is a simple, low-cost, high-impact whole school approach to the teaching and learning of Mental Arithmetic, upon which all Mathematical Reasoning and Problem Solving is built.

Our mission is to develop children’s mental calculation accuracy, speed and associated strategies using proven techniques applied in a creative, engaging environment whilst raising the profile of mathematics throughout school communities across the globe.


Subscriptions are purchased to cover a whole school, with unlimited usage throughout the school year. Each child receives a Passport containing up to six mathematical targets which have been derived from the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and the National Curriculum 2014.

The passports are stepped, with regular (fortnightly) testing and once a child demonstrates that they have confidently met their targets, they move on to the next passport.


Where schools have successfully implemented Maths Passport, five common themes are found:

  1. A commitment of the Senior Leaders and Teachers to spend regular curriculum time (short but often) on Maths Passport
  2. Effective CPD on Mental Arithmetic
  3. A clear definition of mastery so that objectives are signed off appropriately
  4. Regular monitoring of Maths Passport
  5. Regular contact with parents

As a result of using Maths Passport, schools have reported:

  • Wider and more progressive investigation and problem solving (because number doesn’t get in the way)
  • Pupils making links between different aspects of Maths
  • Pupil independence and confidence in Maths growing
  • Exam success in England, through improved SAT Paper 1 score

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What our Happy Clients Say

Since introducing the passport into school we have seen massive improvements in mental arithmetic and basic number. For the last two years 100% of our pupils have scored over 50% on paper 1, with an average cohort mark of 33/40.

J JonesHead Teacher

The extra resources, the tests and past papers provide the class teacher with a simple and handy means of assessing pupils and ensuring solid recall

Lawrence CliftonMaths Lead

As a parent we used to pay over £40 a month to Kumon. When the school introduced the passport, our child was far more engaged and progressed more quickly

Tim FarnshawParent

Maths passport gives children clear steps for their learning, they know exactly what they need to achieve and, with the resources provided, can practice those skills in a fun way while collaborating with their peers. Maths passport is brilliant for boosting children's confidence as they are always achieving and making progress and it's clear for them to see. Maths passport has had an amazing impact on the mental recall of basic mathematics and has meant that lesson time is not wasted on these skills but instead lessons are an opportunity for children to apply their skills.

Nikita SalmonMaths Lead

The maths passport allows the fluency needed to become confident, strong mathematicians. The only way children should progress from number recognition all the way to learning their cubed numbers in line with the primary maths curriculum.

Jo NewellHead Teacher

The maths passport embeds and extends mental arithmetic skills whilst forming links between key mathematical concepts. Fluency and cognition are enhanced as well as developing all maths skills and strands within the curriculum. 

Ann GayHead Teacher